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English   75 years Neoplan
16.04.2010 von admin

Revolutionary times

Air transport is a burgeoning sector and radically new ideas are needed for ways and means of expediting passengers from the comfort of the terminal building to their waiting aircraft. Conventional buses are far from suitable. Neoplan rises to the challenge and in 1960 the company unveils a radically new bus for use on airport aprons worldwide. The passenger compartment has a level floor through the entire length of this spectacular vehicle with its no-step doorways. The bus sits astride a cranked rear axle carrying relatively small-diameter wheels, so the floor of the platform is a mere 350 mm above the ground. This enables passengers to board and exit the bus rapidly, easily and in safety, all crucial aspects of airport passenger handling. What is more, this is also the genesis of the "low-floor design" that will revolutionise the construction of city buses and service buses in the future, although a number of years have still to pass before this comes about.

One early apron bus NH 11 TR for airport Duesseldorf of 1964. These early models with their special front axle were the predecessors of modern low Floor buses that are very common today.

As far as coach design is concerned, Gottlob Auwärter's eldest son Albrecht moves centre-stage in 1961. Up until now, curved lines have been dominant in coach design. The side windows are small, and the coaches feature windows set into the roofline to give the passengers a better view of their surroundings. Now, at the 31st Geneva Motor Show, Albrecht Auwärter debuts a sensational new design destined to set new standards in bus-building – he calls it the "Hamburg" model. While studying at the 'Fachhochschule für Karosserie- und Fahrzeugbau' in Hamburg (hence the designation "Hamburg" for the new design) Albrecht Auwärter worked together with his co-student and later business partner Bob Lee on developing this radically new design.

Neoplan NH 6/7 L – Type of Hamburg. Together with university colleague Bob Lee Albrecht Auwaerter developed in 1961 for their diplomas at Hamburg Wagenbauschule he new coach Type Hamburg that was the first modern coach of its style. It was the hallmark for the brand Neoplan for some decades.

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