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English   The Setra TopClass 500 highlights
25.11.2013 von admin

New underseat heating for cosy warmth

Whether for warmth or fresh air – you are always seated in the right place in the TopClass 500. Two separate control zones in the floor and ceiling circuits of the fully automatic integral air conditioning system with cross-flow ventilation ensure an even temperature distribution from the first to the last seat row.

An integral component of the TopClass 500 is the new control panel for heating, ventilation and climate control, with Stacks&Cards operation, new user interface and display. The HVAC control unit permits separate climate control settings for driver cockpit and passenger compartment. The integrated 2.8-inch colour display also shows the automatic climate control for the cockpit. The blower speed and flap adjustment are automatically regulated depending on the desired temperature setting.

Moreover, Setra is celebrating a world première with a further development of the axial fan heating system, which actively ventilates the footwell area – making sure that no passenger will get cold feet in future. Warm air is blown under each double seat via air ducts from the heat exchangers on the side walls.

The window sills of the TopClass 500 are brought to a pleasant temperature electrically, by means of heater foil, instead of heater water. This ensures automatic regulation and a constant temperature no matter what the outdoor temperature is.

Top fuel economy

The TopClass 500 combines luxury and efficiency in an unprecedented way. As was the case with the ComfortClass 500 presented in 2012, the aerodynamic shape of the new touring coaches was formed as part of a complex development process and extensive in-house wind tunnel tests in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim. The optimised transitions from the front to the side wall, roof and rear end ensure significantly reduced noise levels in the TopClass 500, and therefore more comfort for the driver and passengers. The distinctive aerodynamic edge and other details help to give the exclusive long-distance athletes a Cd figure of 0.33 – enabling them to confidently take the top position in the European bus and coach industry also in terms of economy and low life cycle costs.

New driver assistance systems aid economy

The TopClass 500 is always on the driver's side when it comes to reaching the destination as economically and eco-friendly as possible. For example, the EcoDriver Feedback system aids driver awareness with continuous feedback of current vehicle data, contributing to a sustained reduction in component wear and fuel consumption.
This is also the effect of the GPS-equipped Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) shift programme, which accesses digital elevation profile data and intervenes in the powertrain to save fuel. On a slight downhill gradient, for example, the integrated EcoRoll system disengages the clutch when in PowerShift automatic mode and shifts the transmission into neutral, causing the vehicle to coast for longer without inner engine drag losses. The additional positive effect is noticeable: the predictive shift strategy reduces the number of gearshifts, which can also be executed more comfortably in the TopClass 500.

Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC)

PPC is the first automatic speed control with integrated transmission intervention. Geodesic data plus pinpointing the vehicle location using the Global Positioning System (GPS) make predictive cruise control operation possible. PPC primarily intervenes when negotiating uphill and downhill stretches. Apart from exercising control via the conventional speed control function, Predictive Powertrain Control also takes over gearshift management from case to case. This means that Predictive Powertrain Control is able to intervene in gear selection on the basis of exact route knowledge. In addition the system is able to expand the use of the already fuel-saving EcoRoll technology. As a result, gearshifts assessed as unnecessary by the predictive function are prevented, necessary multiple shifts are executed rather than several individual gearshifts, and use of EcoRoll is planned and initiated on a predictive basis.

Data from inside and outside

The overall Predictive Powertrain Control package includes the input data profiling the route ahead and the current GPS position of the vehicle. Data provided by the vehicle itself above all include the vehicle mass, the road speed, the engine torque and output, and the current gear in the PowerShift transmission. The decisive target value added to this mix is the desired cruising speed, input by the driver using the controls on the steering wheel.

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