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English   The Setra TopClass 500 highlights
25.11.2013 von admin

Warm and white – pleasant ambience thanks to LED lighting scheme

In the front section of the coach, a clever, visually continuous ceiling design creates space for digital clock and temperature displays lit up on an elegant smoked glass panel. Additional stowage compartments for the DVD changer and FleetBoard computer are also neatly accommodated in the generous front section.

A sense of spaciousness is also provided by the open luggage racks, which are easy to access and open to view. No passenger is going to forget anything of value there. Along with the warm, white LED lights on the service sets, a continuous luminescent LED band provides indirect lighting in the passenger compartment. Exclusive ambient lighting gives the TopClass 500 a very special feeling of premium spaciousness.

Light beams with a 3D effect are created by the newly designed service sets, which are inset into curved décor features with high-quality clear glass facings and have glossy metal surrounds. These incorporate reading lamps directed precisely at the seats, and ensure a refreshing air flow with individual air nozzles. If required, the modular service tract can be adjusted to the seat layout in use. The leather connecting elements feature contrasting topstitching in silver - handmade by Setra. The message is clear: only the best of the best is to be found in the TopClass 500.

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