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English   The Setra TopClass 500 highlights
25.11.2013 von admin

More comfort for more safety – the new cockpit is closer to the driver

High-quality surfaces, flowing lines, pendant pedals and a leather steering wheel as standard – these are the features of the redesigned cockpit in the new TopClass generation. A metallic design element inspired by La Linea encompasses the redesigned control panel of the driver cockpit. For many years the brand has included the driver when striving for optimum comfort, with a focus on maximum ergonomics. Both the passengers and driver will feel more comfortable in the TopClass 500 – and safer. Easy access to the controls has always ensured that drivers are relaxed behind the wheel – for the benefit and protection of all passengers. This is all the more important on long-distance journeys. To this end the instrument panel of the completely newly designed cockpit, with an arrangement by function groups, has been moved 50 mm closer to the driver while allowing maximum freedom of movement. Moreover, the developers have provided additional stowage space and stowage compartments for mobile phones and bags and have repositioned the parking brake, which is now to the left of the driver at hip height. The elimination of the driver's door enables a much more ergonomic positioning of the controls to the left of the driver and permits permanent access to the stowage compartments located there.

Multifunctionality – wrapped in leather

The display instrument cluster has also been newly designed, with model-specific displays and an easy-to-clean facing in real glass. Steering and navigating without the driver's eyes leaving the road for even a second is guaranteed by the Stacks&Cards control and display concept, which has already proved very successful in the ComfortClass 500. The individual menus can be selected using the function keys on the leather-wrapped multifunction steering wheel. The menus include current travel information and continuous vehicle checks, for example tyre pressure monitoring. Every function key is easily accessed without the driver's hands leaving the steering wheel – even when shifting gears. This is ensured by the steering-column lever, which is now much easier to operate.

High quality with a clear structure – the modern operating menu

Whether telephone, navigation, radio, DVD drive, audio CD or display of the images from the monitoring cameras: top levels of functionality for all infotainment equipment are also ensured by the intuitive and clearly arranged menu of the Coach Communication Center (CCC), designed to high quality and including a coach-specific dual mode for driver and passenger compartment settings.

A technical requirement only relevant in the bus sector. The Setra TopClass 500 has it. Designed according to the new operating concept, the radio, which can also be controlled by means of the menu of the Stacks&Cards system, has a clear display. A DVD drive is incorporated and permits playback of videos as well as mp3 formats. The driver has a central unit at his disposal which features a clear control structure with arrow buttons, a 10-key control panel for telephony and navigation, a Bluetooth connection, an audio jack and a USB connection. The microphone integrated in the driver's seat is operated by means of a separate "MIC" button.

As standard the TopClass 500 is equipped with a commercial-vehicle-specific navigation system which enables manual entry of the vehicle's height, width and length and suggests appropriate routes based on this data. The ultimate in convenience.

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