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English   The Setra TopClass 500 highlights
25.11.2013 von admin

Power unit in the strikingly designed aero rear-end

The "heart" of the TopClass 500 sits in the back. The shield-shaped engine compartment door unmistakably indicates the sheer power residing behind it. The Euro VI in-line six-cylinder OM 471 engine stands for optimum performance combined with low fuel consumption. The symmetrical air outlet signals power and dominance.

With its aerodynamic rear end, the TopClass 500 displays its muscles in design terms too. The striking design with its prominent spoiler lip reflects the typical brand feature of a continuous line at the C-pillar to symbolise dynamic forward movement. It's immediately clear: the new Setra flagship series is a leap into a profitable future.

Other highlights of the upgraded rear section include the newly designed lighting units, which are equipped with an additional light module. The light curtains of the modular tail and brake lights with an additional LED reversing light lend more width to the vehicle, and round off the rear end as stabilising features. Additional reversing lights in the area of the drive axle illuminate the vehicle's surroundings during manoeuvring. These models also bear the striking SETRA lettering in the lower area of the rear window, and its sculptured, free-floating appearance also immediately catches the eye from the rear.

Inviting – entry into the new world of TopClass travel

In the interior, the touring coaches in the TopClass 500 range keep the promise suggested by Setra's exterior design. The brand's new design features are harmoniously continued into the interior. A look at the front section confirms that the two partitions between the cockpit and passenger compartment echo the new design décor of the Setra face.

The elegant world of Setra TopClass 500 travel is entered through a widened, curving boarding area featuring spiral steps with high-sheen aluminium edges. A curved handrail with silver inserts guides passengers into the passenger compartment. The cockpit area with its fan-shaped layout and décor inserts extends up to the first stairway step at the space-saving entry area. This creates harmony and space for a coolbox as well as additional folding stowage space and stowage compartments.

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