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English   The Setra TopClass 500 highlights
25.11.2013 von admin

AdBlue consumption down 40 percent

In the TopClass 500 the BlueTec engine technology with SCR technology and AdBlue injection, as already tried and tested in more than 100,000 vehicles, is combined with exhaust gas recirculation and a canned particulate filter.
The cooled exhaust gas recirculation gives rise to less nitrogen oxide when the fuel is burned – AdBlue consumption is reduced by as much as 40 percent compared with Euro V engines. The AdBlue is injected without air into the exhaust stream by the new metering unit. In the SCR catalytic converter the nitrogen oxides are almost completely converted into water and nitrogen. The exhaust system of the Euro VI engines additionally is equipped with an extremely effective diesel particulate filter that requires servicing in the Setra for the first time after 360,000 kilometres or three years, and then only every 240,000 kilometres (two years). To avoid increased backpressure in the exhaust system with its negative impact on fuel consumption, the entire exhaust gas aftertreatment system including oxidation catalytic converter, particulate filter and SCR catalytic converter features a two-pipe design. All components are combined in one housing.

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Daimler AG

Two brochures on the Setra S 500 TopClass

driving Presentation
Technical details

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