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English   The Setra TopClass 500 highlights
25.11.2013 von admin

Systematic lightweight construction and safety

The drive system of the TopClass 500 combines high torque at low engine speeds with smooth ride comfort. This is also ensured by the intelligent lightweight construction concept, which is brought to perfection in the sixth Setra model series. The weight of the frame has been reduced by more than 150 kg. Nonetheless the new vehicle generation offers more rigidity at a lower weight. The further advanced Front Collision Guard (FCG) also improves passive safety – it is standard equipment in the new vehicle generation.
Active Brake Assist (BAS PLUS), Attention Assist and a tyre pressure monitoring system as optional equipment – in addition to these well-proven active safety systems, the TopClass 500 also has Start-Off Assist on board as standard, preventing the vehicle from unintentionally rolling forwards or backwards on gradients and making starting and slow manoeuvring easier – a considerable benefit in terms of comfort and safety.

Powerful acceleration – maximum fuel efficiency

Behind the engine compartment door of the TopClass 500, the OM 471 LA
6-cylinder in-line engine developing 350 kW (476 hp)/2300 Nm as standard and 375 kW (510 hp)/2500 Nm as an optional alternative is combined with the GO 250-8 PowerShift transmission and the Voith secondary water retarder for powerful acceleration plus maximum fuel efficiency.

In addition to complying with the Euro VI emission standard for new vehicles which goes into effect in 2014, the overall concept of the TopClass 500 already makes allowances for numerous safety regulations and legal provisions which will take effect in coming years. This includes the additional demands on driver assistance systems applicable from 2015 as well as directive ECE-R 66/01, which requires enhanced roll-over stability of touring coaches and comes into effect two years later.

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