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English   The Setra TopClass 500 highlights
25.11.2013 von admin

Safety always comes first

In individual cases, armed with these data, the predictive cruise control therefore takes charge of the accelerator, permanent brake and transmission. Naturally, ultimate control still lies with the driver. And of course the package consisting of adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking function Active Brake Assist remains active and takes priority over Predictive Powertrain Control, in the interests of vehicle and traffic safety.
When driving a semitrailer/tractor combination loaded to 40 t on a comparative test route, truck journalists were able to achieve fuel savings of up to eight percent with the use of PPC.

Made longer for more luggage capacity

The TopClass 500 has been made longer. The 2550 mm wide and 3880 mm high vehicle bodies have been lengthened to achieve the best possible ride comfort and payload. At 12,495 mm the S 515 HDH is 195 mm longer than its predecessor, the S 516 HDH has increased in length by 135 mm to 13,325 mm, and the S 517 HDH has been lengthened by 115 mm to 14,165 mm.

Wheelbases increased by 110 mm (in the S 515 HDH), 50 mm (in the S 516 HDH) and 30 mm (in the S 517 HDH) have enabled the luggage compartment capacity of the TopClass 500 to be increased by up to 0.8 cubic metres. In addition, four stowage compartments with a total volume of 2.2 cubic metres and a payload of 220 kg are provided in the front area of the vehicle for additional equipment.

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