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English   10 Years of the Solaris Urbino *
11.11.2009 von admin

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10 Years of the Solaris Urbino
The Solaris Urbino celebrates its birthday: at its premiere ten years ago, it gained the admiration of the industry with its innovative construction and unmistakable design. Since then, it has been an uninterrupted story of success – thanks to the continued improvements made to the Solaris flagship.

Presentation of the first Solaris Urbino

Expectant faces look at the blue curtain – twelve metres long, more than two and a half metres wide –, waiting for it to lift. It is noon on 26 May 1999. At the Poznań International Motor Show, it is time for the world premiere of the Solaris Urbino and Solaris founders Krzysztof and Solange Olszewscy will personally take the honour of unveiling the new bus.

Ten years later, the Solaris Urbino is part of everyday life throughout Europe, but in 1999 this new bus was a small revolution in itself. As the first independently developed Polish low-floor city bus, it broke new ground by bringing together western European standards of quality, reliability and design with the sort of robustness valued by central European customers. Led by Krzysztof Olszewski, the development was achieved in close cooperation with Polish bus operators. The result was a bus tailored so exactly and comprehensively to the demanding requirements of city transport that it proved to be a hallmark far beyond its home country – in terms of visual design as much as in technical solutions such as the excellent ease of maintenance achieved by accessible component placement.

Solaris Urbino 12 - year of construction 1999

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