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German version

Mercedes O 307
  • In 1973 the O 307 entered series production
  • Modular system for city and inter-urban regular service buses
  • Best-selling inter-urban bus of the 1970s

O 307 on the famous alpine road up to the Kehlstein mountain, 1976.

Wide doors, high windows, clear passenger information, plenty of interior space and comfortable seats; an ergonomically designed cockpit for one-man operation and quiet, clean engines. Nowadays these are the features that characterize the familiar appearance of modern regular service buses. When the O 307 inter-urban bus entered series production in February 1973, attributes such as these were anything but the norm. The drive for modernization which commenced in the mid-1960s was primarily due to the initiative of the transport operators. In addition to being strongly dependent on the satisfaction of their own customers, the passengers, the operators also hoped that the standardization of regular service buses would produce financial savings, not least because of reduced costs for servicing, maintenance and replacement parts inventories.

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