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English   Mercedes O 305
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German version

Mercedes O 305
  • New standards for city buses
  • Design for one-man operation
  • Sound basis for a host of variants

Mercedes-Benz O 305 prototype at the Frankfurt International Motor Show, 1967.

At the 1967 Frankfurt International Motor Show, the new O 305 city bus was presented to the public for the first time; large-scale production began one year later. This ushered in a new era in bus manufacture at Daimler-Benz, with touring coaches and city buses leading separate lives from then on.

One for all
As early as 1966, the designers at Daimler-Benz had submitted the draft of a special city bus designed for one-man operation and featuring a low floor, high side windows, air suspension, compressed-air brakes and a rear-mounted engine. However, other people had put their heads together elsewhere at roughly the same time and come up with a similar concept: under the management of O.W.O. Schulz, technical director of Hamburger Hochbahn AG, a committee of the German association of local public transport operations set out to elaborate recommendations for the standardization of regular-service city buses - and presented them at the association's annual convention in 1967.

They specified an eleven-meter long bus with rear-mounted engine and a low floor at a convenient height of 725 millimeters. They also suggested double inward-folding doors in front of the front axle and the rear axle, a standardized instrument panel and a central electrics compartment. The rear screen was to be made of a non-dazzling glass and side windows had to be generously dimensioned. And finally, the interior compartment was to provide space for 41 seated and 61 standing passengers.

Mercedes-Benz O 305 production bus from November 1968.

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