Mercedes Tourino
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Mercedes Tourino
  • The Mercedes-Benz Tourino midi-coach
  • Premiere at the “Busworld 2003” bus and coach show in Kortrijk
  • Newly developed 9.35 m midi-coach for an expanding market segment
  • Individual identity within the Mercedes-Benz bus and coach family
  • Fully-equipped and luxurious interior for 30 to 38 passengers
  • Low lifecycle costs set it apart in its class

Mercedes-Benz Tourino

In line with its philosophy of meeting the entire range of customer require­ments in its capacity as a full-line supplier, the Mercedes-Benz Bus and Coach Unit of EvoBus GmbH is presenting its new Tourino midi-coach to the wider public for the first time at the “Bus­world 2003” show in Kortrijk, alongside the rest of its extensive and proven product portfolio. The Mer­cedes-Benz Tourino is an all-new, fully equipped two-door midi-coach des­tined for the Western European market which measures 9.35 m in length and which can carry up to 38 passengers (plus driver and cou­rier). The Tou­rino represents the first foray by Mercedes-Benz into the midi-coach class for smaller travel groups and rounds off the bottom end of its touring coach portfolio. The new midi-bus, which has been purpose-built to cater for the requirements of this market segment, is perfectly positioned to meet the growing de­mand for highly manoeuvrable coaches to transport smaller tour parties with maximised seat occupancy. As well as its compact dimensions, the new model boasts cutting-edge technology, a gross vehicle weight of 12.6 t and an extensive range of luxury features fitted as stan­dard.

One totally new departure in the midi-coach segment is the design of the powertrain, featuring a rear engine and a newly de­veloped front axle with independent wheel suspension (ERA). The vehicle’s attractive design exudes contempo­rary elegance and makes no secret of its heritage as part of the current Mercedes-Benz bus and coach family. An extensive range of equipment and a comfortable interior join forces with the proven engineer­ing quality and impressive value retention you expect from a Mer­ce­des-Benz vehicle to produce an impressive cost/performance ratio to fully satisfy the requirements of to­day’s customers.

Mercedes-Benz Tourino

Newly developed midi-coach with a distinctive identity for an expanding market segment

The new Merce­des-Benz Tou­rino takes its cue in every respect from the trend towards smaller tour parties. As early as the planning phase, the in­dividual components were geared towards offering the customer, the pas­sengers and the driver a high utility value as a priority, without losing sight of the healthy cost/performance ratio required for this market segment. It goes without saying that the high levels of comfort and safety which every­one can expect from a Mer­cedes-Benz touring coach have been taken into consideration and incorporated in the form of cutting-edge technolo­gies already in the earliest design phases of the Tourino midi-coach.

The 9.35 m Mercedes-Benz Tourino is not just a shortened or derived ver­sion of the 12 m Tourismo or Travego touring coaches, but instead re­presents a new and quite distinctive development within the Mer­cedes-Benz product range. Its compact dimensions (length 9.35 m, height 3.30 m, width 2.40 m) allow the Mercedes-Benz Tourino to remain eminently agile and manoeuvrable even when negotiating narrow city centre streets, turn­ing and parking in tight spaces or driving along rural routes. The midi-coach has a wheelbase of 4.68 m and a turning circle of only 17.12 m.

With its compact dimensions, it is also extremely agile and easy to manoeuvre even in the tight spaces of inner-city areas.

Its attractive exterior design allows the Mercedes-Benz Tourino to stand out immediately from the midi-coach crowd, stylishly harmonious brand hall­marks blending seamlessly with a progressive-looking yet elegant body and a striking front end. The Tourino has set out to make a name for itself, whilst at the same time emphasising its membership of the Merce­des-Benz bus and coach family. Like all of the other Merce­des-Benz buses and coa­ches, it has been given a separate name to emphasise its individual identity within the product family.

Among the defining elements of the Tourino’s exterior design is the front end with its typical Mercedes-Benz “face”. Handsomely designed and inte­grated attractively into the front end of the vehicle, the radiator grille bears the three-pointed star and has the basic form shared by all Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The design of the new Mercedes-Benz Tourino is given an extra dynamic edge by the downward chute of the windscreen, which also curves in towards the roof line and side walls, and by the forward-sloping contours of the roof. The design of the sidewalls has a smoothing effect on the cube-shaped body of the coach, lending it a striking, unmistakable profile. The finely balanced relationship between the flush fitted windows and the side­walls combines with the accentuated smoothness of the surfaces to give the Tourino an elegant silhouette. The B-pillar rises vertically, before slant­ing diagonally and flowing gracefully into the contours of the roof lines. The air conditioning system, mounted on the roof mid-way along the coach, also blends in smoothly with the overall design. The Tou­rino’s body lines con­verge harmoniously at the rear of the vehicle, rounding off the overall shape of the new Mercedes-Benz midi-coach in suitably refined style.

Mercedes-Benz Tourino

A fully equipped and luxurious interior for up to 38 passengers

The new Merce­des-Benz Tou­rino takes its cue from the general trend to­wards smaller travel groups, but without cutting corners when it comes to providing a comfortable touring experience. The Mercedes-Benz engineers and desi­gners have created a fully-equipped coach for up to 38 passengers which is capable of completely satisfying even the most exacting customer demands in terms of technology, aesthetics and comfort in the midi-coach segment. Even in standard guise, its comprehensively appointed and luxu­rious inte­rior leaves little to be desired. The Mercedes-Benz Tourino offers up to 30 seats with 900 mm spacing in 5-star specification, or up to 32 seats with 830 mm spacing in 4-star trim, plus the driver’s and courier’s seats in each case. Meanwhile, the 3-star variant is able to accommodate 34 passenger seats spaced 770 mm apart from one another.

The interior dimensions of the Mercedes-Benz Tourino set the standard in this segment. The standing room of 1.94 m, in particular, conveys a generous sense of spaciousness whilst the 380-mm wide centre aisle with platform lighting as standard enables the passengers to find their seats quickly and easily. As an option, the non-slip PVC flooring can be lined with carpet mats from the Mercedes-Benz Coach Collection. Hand luggage can be stowed on the large, full-length luggage racks above the seats. The light colours used throughout the interior, coupled with the comfortable CXR seats, create a friendly atmosphere. The photo shows the 4-star seating for 26 passengers plus the driver, with Softline upholstery in Dralon velour.

Passengers can board the midi-coach via one of two convenient entrances, one at the front with three steps and one at the rear with four. The height of the front entry point is 388 mm, with the rear entrance/exit positioned
324 mm above the ground. The wide-opening outward-swinging doors measure 855 mm in width at the front and 850 mm at the rear. Inside the coach, the pas­sengers are greeted by spaciousness which sets new stan­dards in this mar­ket segment. A generous feeling of space is created pri­marily by the 1.94 m of headroom. Plus, the passengers can get to their seats quickly and easily along the 380 mm-wide centre aisle which is illu­minated by lights in the seat bases as standard. The non-slip PVC floor cov­ering is fitted with carpet floor mats from the Mercedes-Benz Coach Collec­tion. Full-length and amply-dimensioned luggage racks for hand luggage are located above the seats.

Light colours throughout the interior and comfortable CXR seating combine to ensure a welcoming ambience and encourage the passengers on board the Tourino to just sit back and relax. The Mercedes-Benz de­sign studio in Mannheim makes its full spectrum of colours and materials avail­able for the interior appointments, including the sidewall and ceiling trim, as well as the seat upholstery. The high-comfort seats are fitted with fold­ing armrests on the aisle side and are variably adjustable. Thanks to the seat spacing of 680 mm to 900 mm (depending on GBK classification - GBK is an associa­tion which monitors and classifies levels of comfort in buses and coaches in Germany), they also ensure that the passengers will always be sitting com­fortably, even over long journeys and holiday tours. The seats can also be optionally equipped with footrests, folding tables, ashtrays and luggage nets. Newly developed and designed service sets are integrated into the luggage racks above every double seat. These include two air vents and two reading lamps, which can be adjusted individually to the requirements of each passenger, as well as a service paging button and speakers.

In order to provide a pleasant climate for the passengers, even when the going gets hot in the mid-summer sun, the Mercedes-Benz Tourino comes as standard with a roof-mounted air conditioning system with an output of 22 kW which has been integrated harmoniously into the overall design of the vehicle. The Mercedes-Benz Tourino is also fitted as standard with a pow­erful convector heating and a heated front-mounted unit. Additionally, there is an electrically operated roof hatch, which is also designed to act as an emergency exit, and a sophisticated, draught-free ventilation system. An auxiliary heating system can be fitted as an option. With its impressive com­plement of air conditioning, convector heating and service sets with speakers and reading lights, the Tourino’s interior equipment levels com­pare favourably with those of a large touring coach. What makes the inte­rior particularly impressive is the fact that its design is perfectly co­ordi­nated with the exterior of the midi-coach, its flowing lines decorated with familiar Mercedes-Benz design elements. On demand of the operator, a galley and rear toilet can also be integrated easily into the inte­rior.

The luxurious passenger compartment would not be complete, of course, without an ergonomic­ally designed driver’s place of work, including an air-suspended luxury seat supplied by Grammer. The cockpit-style instrument panel has been designed according to the latest ergonomic findings, thus forming the ideal basis for safe and relaxed driving. All displays are non-re­flecting, fitted with backlighting and arranged exactly where the eye would expect to find them. The large, single-piece windscreen is made from lightly tinted la­minated safety glass. Together with the electrically heated and ad­justable exterior mirrors, it ensures good visibility all round. A navigation system and/or a combined radio, DVD and TV/video system can all be in­stalled as required. An elec­trically folding LCD flat screen monitor po­si­tioned in the front section of the vehicle providing for passenger entertain­ment and information is also available as an optional extra, as is a mobile telephone with hands-free facility.

The driver’s workplace is fitted with a hydraulically adjustable luxury suspension seat supplied by Grammer and a cockpit-style instrument panel, which meet the latest ergonomic findings.

The full-length luggage compartment offers a capacity of 4.4 m³ and can be loaded quickly and easily by opening the two hinged flaps on either side of the vehicle. The luggage compartment flaps can also be fitted as an op­tional extra with a space-saving lifting mechanism. The impressive luggage capacity, together with the excellent through-loading capability which en­sures that large, bulky items of luggage can also be accommodated, along with the policy of mounting the engine in the rear of the ve­hicle, give the new Tourino a clear edge over the conventional midi-coach concepts pro­duced by competitors, which are based on truck chassis with front-mounted engines.

Unique in its class: a leading-edge powertrain and low lifecycle costs

The new Mercedes-Benz Tourino is equipped with a state-of-the-art power­train featuring a number of inspired innovations. For the first time in the midi-coach segment, the Euro 3 turbodiesel engine is positioned vertically in the rear of the vehicle. As well as the rear engine, the Tourino features a completely new front axle with independent wheel suspension (ERA). Fur­ther highlights include disc brakes all round, as well as the tried-and-tested Mer­cedes-Benz HO 2 rear axle. This means that passengers in the new mi­di-coach will enjoy the same benefits of air suspension and the same high stan­dards of comfort and safety that they have come to expect from full-length Mercedes-Benz tour­ing coaches.

The Tourino coach is powered by a vertically installed OM 906 LA turbodiesel engine with an output of 205 kW (280 hp).

Safety in particular was a high priority in the development of the new midi-coach. Impor­tant elements of active safety include the electronically con­trolled braking system (EBS) with disc brakes all round and, as part of the same package, the standard-fit acceleration skid control (ASR) and the anti-lock braking system (ABS). The latest generation of pneumatically activated disc brakes with integral Brake Assist (BA) system apply braking pressure smoothly and offer impressive and evenly dis­tributed braking power at all wheels. In addition, the Mer­cedes-Benz Tourino is kitted out with a Voith R 123 retarder as standard.

The new Tourino midi-coach is powered by the OM 906 LA 6-cylinder
Eu­ro 3 turbodiesel engine vertically mounted in the rear of the vehicle, which is available with two different outputs (180 kW/245 hp and 205 kW/280 hp, each at 2,200 rpm). Torque peaks at 900 Nm between 1,200 and 1,600 rpm in the case of the 180 kW variant, and at 1,100 Nm between 1,200 and 1,600 rpm on models fitted with the 205 kW version. Power transmission is handled by the all-synchromesh Mer­cedes-Benz G 85-6 six-speed manual transmission. Cus­tomers can also choose from a range of possible drive axle ratios - from 1:3.636 to 1:4.300 (standard: 1:3.909) - to suit every conceivable set of requirements on the European continent.

Positioning the engine in the rear of the new midi-coach, a completely new approach, also contributes to interior noise levels which are considerably lower than with the front-engined designs usually to be found in this seg­ment of coaches. For the transport operator, two of the most important factors in the cost-effectiveness of the new Tou­rino are its extremely eco­nomic­al engine and a service and maintenance concept which is geared to keeping the midi-coach on the road as much of the time as possible. The service and maintenance intervals for the Tourino are set at 60,000 km as standard.

The impressive value retention and service life typical for Mer­cedes-Benz vehicles are also intrinsic features of the Mercedes-Benz Tourino midi-coach, thanks amongst other things to a thorough corrosion protection concept and com­prehensive paint application techniques. Indeed, even in the planning phase for the new vehicle the brand’s engi­neers and designers were totally com­mitted to maintaining the high stan­dards of a Mercedes-Benz touring coach in every respect. The result is a fully-equipped midi-coach which, like all other Mercedes-Benz buses and coaches, will be sold in all western European countries through the Euro­pean Mercedes-Benz sales network of EvoBus GmbH. This means that if required the full range of expertise in terms of af­ter-sales servicing and the OMNIplus range of ser­vices specially developed for buses and coaches is also avail­able for the new midi-coach.

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