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English   The Citaro story
10.07.2011 von admin

The “Metrobüs” BRT system in Istanbul, Turkey

The implementation of a BRT (bus rapid transit) system in Istanbul, Turkey, is no less ambitious. The “Metrobüs” travels along a 40.6‑kilometre route in dedicated lanes. At peak times, the buses run at very short intervals of less than half a minute. This results in passenger numbers of around 750,000 a day. The Mercedes-Benz CapaCity – the oversized, four-axle (19.54 m) high-capacity articulated bus derived from the Citaro – serves as the basis for this BRT system. 250 of them are already in operation there. Not only does the CapaCity offer a high transport capacity, it also achieves an exceptionally high average speed by urban bus standards of 40 km/h – all combined with extremely attractive lifecycle costs too. A trip aboard the Mercedes-Benz CapaCity in Istanbul is also highly popular due to its low-floor design and because the vehicles are air-conditioned.

Mercedes CapaCity – Metrobüs

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