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English   VDL Citea SLF 120 Hybrid
22.04.2011 von admin

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VDL Citea SLF 120 Hybrid
A newcomer in the Citea range from VDL Bus & Coach is the Citea SLF-120/hybrid – a serial hybrid Citea, equipped with reliable, proven technology. The Citea SLF-120/hybrid will be available as from the 4th quarter of 2011.


The ambition has been to significantly reduce fuel consumption and the emissions of CO2, fine particulates and NOx. This is achieved by using an electric drive for the Citea SLF-120/hybrid. The diesel engine drives a generator that produces the electrical power. This electrical power is stored in batteries (supercaps) for later use or is used immediately to power the hub motors installed in the rear axle. The braking energy is also recovered and stored in these supercaps so the energy can be used again for driving. It is also possible to have the diesel engine shut off at bus stops and whenever else the bus comes to a standstill. Optionally, only the electric motors will be used when accelerating from a stop. This makes it possible to drive portions of a route using just electric power, producing zero emissions. An additional, and certainly not unimportant, environmentally-responsible aspect is that far less noise is produced.

Optimal hybrid city bus

When designing the VDL Bus & Coach serial hybrid concept, VDL Bus & Coach sought to achieve the ideal and optimal concept for a hybrid city bus. A number of aspects were very important in this decision-making process:
• The selected components had to be thoroughly proven and the best of their type to ensure the greatest possible reliability.
• The hybrid concept had to fit the modular construction method used for the Citea range so future developments could be easily integrated.
• There could be no negative impact on passenger comfort. The number of drive components had to be kept to an absolute minimum to achieve even greater noise reduction.

These considerations led to selection of a serial hybrid concept with components from Vossloh Kiepe, a 4 cylinder Cummins diesel engine and the electrically-driven rear axle from ZF. This was all done with the goal of achieving the most efficient configuration possible, maximum reduction of the emission of harmful substances and maximum fuel economy.

The Citea SLF-120/hybrid is available in 3 versions: the ‘Basic Hybrid’, the ‘Basic Zero Emission Hybrid’ and the ‘Advanced Zero Emission Hybrid’. With the latter version it is possible to drive a pre-established part of a route entirely on electric power, producing zero emissions.

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