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English   The new MAN Lion's City Hybrid - consistently efficient in urban traffic *
27.10.2010 von admin

Intelligent energy management keeps the driver continually informed of the system's charge status and its readiness for operation. The driver workplace developed by MAN, as well as the VDV dashboard which will be available as series equipment at a later date, have a central display showing all the data needed for efficient, stress-free and economical operation. These include instruments showing the charge status, the current degree of energy recuperation and general diagnostic information. The only difference to the conventional city bus with regard to the hardware is an emergency cut-off switch, whose installation is required by Directive 2001/85/EU on buses. MAN offers special introductory courses and training for MAN Lion's City Hybrid drivers so that they can fully utilise the energy advantages of the vehicle in day-to-day operation.

One of the first prototypes of the MAN Lion's City Hybrid was tested as early as 2001 on regular bus routes in Nuremberg, followed by practical operation in Paris and Spain. As of today, the MAN Lion's City Hybrid has done more than 100,000 kilometres. To produce exact data, conventional vehicles of similar performance and the same payload operated a reference service. The results showed savings of up to 30 percent in when operating on real bus routes. Moreover, the MAN Lion's City Hybrid had to pass the entire program of tests and trials that all MAN commercial vehicles have to pass in order to obtain series approval.

The new MAN Lion?s City Hybrid with its innovative EfficiencyDesign was presented at the UITP Congress at Vienna in June 2009 for the first time.

Technical data
Hybrid systemSerial full-hybrid system with MAN's own intelligent Energy Management and start-stop function
Length11.980 mm
Width2.500 mm
Height3.300 mm
Wheelbase5.875 mm
Unladen weight12.640 kg
Permissible gross vehicle weight18.000 kg
Seats28 + 1
Standing room49
Output184/250 kW/PS bei 2.300 U/min
Capacity6.871 cm³
Maximum torque1.050 Nm bei 1.200 - 1.750 U/min
Drive motors2 x asynchronous electric motors, 75 kW rated power each
Traction energy storageHigh-power capacitors ("ultracaps"); six roof-mounted, air-cooled modules
TyresTwin 275/70 22.5" tyres
Safety equipment· ABS – anti-blocking system
· EBS – electronic braking system
· ASR – anti-slip regulation
· Insulated high-voltage vehicle system with permanent monitoring of insulation
· All high-voltage lines and systems are installed outside of the passenger compartment
· Emergency cut-off switch for on-board and high-voltage systems

Photos, video-clip and text:
MAN Nutzfahrzeuge Group

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