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English   The new MAN Lion's City Hybrid - consistently efficient in urban traffic *
27.10.2010 von admin

When running on energy from its ultracap modules, the MAN Lion's City accelerates quietly and without emitting exhaust gases: depending on the operating conditions, this can be for a distance of up to two hundred metres. Once the energy storage is empty, the eco-friendly MAN diesel engine mounted at the rear of the bus cuts in automatically and with the help of a generator, produces the current needed for the electric traction motors. The Lion's City Hybrid uses a small-volume MAN six-cylinder diesel engine with a capacity of 6.9 litres and an output of 184 kW (250 hp) to produce electricity. This economical diesel engine with modern common-rail injection complies with the voluntary EEV emission standard and is equipped with a controlled CRTec® particulate filter that cleans the exhaust gas of up to 99 percent of its soot. The diesel engine is operated mainly in its optimum speed range with reduced dynamic performance.

Intelligent energy management is responsible for the efficient and reliable interaction between the electric motors and the diesel engine, and between the generator and the energy storage as well as the auxiliary units. This control system was developed by MAN's own engineers and was continually optimised during the test phase. It controls the operation of the diesel engine and the automatic start-stop system, monitors the charge status of the ultracaps and regulates the operation of auxiliary units such as the power-steering pump and the air-conditioning system. Thanks to intelligent management, the system doesn't need to be configured especially for different routes or driver profiles: this guarantees that all potential efficiency is always utilised to the full.

As far as the passengers are concerned, the MAN Lion's City Hybrid offers all the advantages in terms of comfort and safety for which the conventionally powered low-floor buses from MAN are renowned. Despite its additional technological components, the Lion's City Hybrid has the same number of seats. The air-conditioning system of the Lion’s City Hybrid is electrically operated and regulated by demand, so that even when the bus is stationary and the diesel engine is switched off, passengers will not swelter in the summer heat.
The Muenchner Verkehrsgesellschaft (MVG) Munich Transportation Company) has put the first MAN Lion's City Hybrid into service. The official start of operation was celebrated by Herbert Knig, Head of MVG (left), Bernd Maierhofer, Member of the Executive Board of MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG and Christian Ude, Mayor of Munich on the Marienplatz of Munich.

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