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English   The new MAN Lion's City Hybrid - consistently efficient in urban traffic *
27.10.2010 von admin

The MAN Lion's City Hybrid is driven by two electric motors delivering 75 kW each, coupled by a summation gearbox. Together, the two motors produce a maximum torque of 3,000 Nm. This is why the MAN Lion's City Hybrid can do without conventional stepped transmission. The advantages: the bus accelerates powerfully from a standing start without any interruption of tractive force until it reaches the desired speed – this makes the ride more comfortable for the passengers and driving even simpler for the driver.

When the bus decelerates, the electric motors function as generators, transforming the braking energy into electrical energy. This is stored in so-called traction energy storage, consisting of six ultracap modules mounted behind attractively formed and aerodynamically optimised panelling on the roof of the Lion’s City Hybrid. Ultracaps, also known as high-power capacitors, have a number of advantages relative to the battery systems currently available: high power density, extremely fast power input, long cycle life, constant reliability and a high degree of efficiency. Unlike batteries, no chemical conversion is involved in charging and discharging - electric charges are simply shifted. The absence of moving parts and freedom from maintenance add to the high cost-effectiveness already being achieved. Memory effects and loss of power due to ageing are considerably lower in ultracaps than in lithium-ion or nickel-metal hydride batteries. Ultracaps have a much longer service life than battery systems. Operators of MAN Lion's City Hybrids will be spared the complicated and expensive process of exchanging the energy storage unit during the usual service life of a city bus (around ten years). This is one of the great advantages that the MAN system has over hybrid buses that use batteries for transaction energy storage. The fact that batteries deliver considerably less power at low temperatures than ultracaps is another aspect in favour of the MAN system.

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