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10.08.2010 von admin

Various aspects of active and passive safety have been redesigned and improved. New features include the transverse-oriented bodyshell with its construction featuring reinforcements stretching across the roof and down the sides, ensuring higher torsional stiffness and, in turn, better directional stability for the vehicle. The 50-mm extra width also promotes stable handling and contributes to overall safety of the vehicle and passengers.

Setra S 431 DT, TopClass 400, production

The design with its progressive "La Linea" aluminium styling and rising flanks adds a visible sign of dynamism and stretches the vehicle body. The interior, too, creates an all-round feeling of spaciousness thanks to the extra 65-mm width compared with the outgoing model and the increased height. The S 431 DT slots in harmoniously with the TopClass 400 design idiom courtesy of its coherent design statements both inside and out.

Setra TopClass 400 - S 431 DT

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