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English   From landau to low-frame bus: passenger transportation from 1885 to 1926
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The bus emancipates itself from the truck

Emancipation included a characteristic long wheelbase, which in turn made it possible for almost all passenger seats to lie between the axles, where seating is most comfortable. This had the further effect that the body generally had to endure less strain. And this provided the opportunity to go over to a generally more lightweight design “which has a favorable influence on tire wear and fuel consumption,” as a 1925 brochure told the customers.

From the beginning Benz produced the “low bus” in several variants. Wheelbases of 5000 millimeters (model 2CNa) and 6000 millimeters (model 2CNb) for bodies with 22 and 39 passenger seats made up the foundation. In addition, these new buses were available in urban and interurban versions, and there were also a number of door variants to choose from. And finally, Benz built these buses for operation with a conductor or as so-called one-man cars.

The rivets in the bus` metal panelling are clearly visible. - Poster

The familiar four-cylinder gasoline engines with 40/45 hp and 50/55 hp developed from a displacement of 6.3 and 8.1 liters, respectively, served as drive units for the 7.3 and 8.4 meter long vehicles. This power sufficed for a top speed of about 40 km/h. The fuel consumption was stated by the factory as 18 kilograms of gasoline per 100 kilometers for the smaller unit and 26 for the large engine. There was still no mention of liters at this point.

But the new development far from made buses completely independent of truck design. Even the new offset frame was based on a development for trucks: Benz had introduced it a little earlier for refuse trucks so that the men doing the collecting didn’t have to heave the heavy trash cans as high as they used to.

Mercedes-Benz LZ 6000 garbage trucks, construction Kuka, 1934.

Daimler AG
Daimler AG

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