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English   Mercedes-Benz O 340 and Mercedes-Benz O 350 Tourismo
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Mercedes-Benz O 340 and Mercedes-Benz O 350 Tourismo
  • A first bus from the Bosporus: the O 340 or the Tourismo-to-be
  • Reasonably price alternative to the O 404
  • Successor O 350 with classy chassis
  • Tourismo best-selling touring coach in Europe

Mercedes-Benz O 340 von 1992

It almost went incognito at its premiere at the 1992 Hanover International Motor Show: among the many buses with the three-pointed star, spearheaded by the still new top-of-the-line touring coach O 404, two high deckers demonstrated the international presence of the buses from Mercedes-Benz. One was the O 371, of Brazilian origin; the other was the O 340 from Turkey. While the Brazilian with its width of 2.6 meters (and for many other reasons) could not be transplanted to Europe, it was an entirely different story with the O 340: with this vehicle Mercedes-Benz prepared the public for a reasonably priced touring coach which was to be a companion to the elegant O 404, which played in a different league with its super technology, not least of all financially. In Europe, buses from Turkey were something new at that time. But Turkey had amassed considerable experience in bus manufacture: the history of the factory there dates back to 1967 when it began producing the O 302 that had been launched a few years earlier.

Mercedes-Benz O 340 von 1992

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