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English   10 Years of the Solaris Urbino *
11.11.2009 von admin

In terms of technology, design and comfort, the Solaris Urbino continues to be a cutting edge choice for operators. The drive for ever greater perfection nevertheless will go on and Solaris’s engineers at the Bolechowo-based Research and Development office are working on their first ideas for a fourth generation of the Urbino family – making sure that the Urbino will be able to celebrate many more milestones and jubilees in its time.

Solaris Urbino 18 Hybrid - year of construction 2009

By the way, the original Urbino that had all eyes on itself at the 1999 Poznań International Motor Show still is going strong. After finishing its test and demonstration duties, it took to the hard work of routine service. Together with nine sister vehicles, it continues to provide valuable work for Wrocław-based operator Polbus-PKS.

Solaris InterUrbino 12 - year of construction 2009

Photos, video-clip and text:
Solaris Bus & Coach S.A.

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