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English   The new Mercedes-Benz Travego
30.06.2009 von admin

New Active Brake Assist actively helps prevent rear-end collisions

Active Brake Assist has won a number of awards and, more importantly, actively helps prevent rear-end collisions. It can therefore save lives. Since it was launched in the Mercedes-Benz Actros heavy-duty truck in 2006, Active Brake Assist has proven a resounding success, having clocked up a combined total of more than 350 million kilometres on the road for our customers. Now it is set to celebrate its world premiere in the bus and coach sector – in the new-generation Mercedes-Benz Travego. If Active Brake Assist detects an acute risk of a rear-end collision with a slower-moving vehicle in front, it initiates emergency braking following inter­mittent warnings. If the coach comes to a stop during emergency braking, the hazard warning lights are automatically activated.

Active Brake Assist is based on the proximity control (ART) system, which has been available as an option for the Mercedes-Benz Travego for several years. It uses the proximity control radar sensor which, in turn, is able to detect obstacles moving within a defined range in front of the vehicle by means of its three radar beams. The distance to and the relative speed of the vehicle in front are monitored and assessed on a permanent basis.

If the traffic situation remains unchanged and there is a risk of a collision, a progressive series of warnings comes into play. Firstly the driver receives a visual warning in the shape of an illuminated red triangle with the outline of a vehicle on the instrument panel along with an audible alarm signal. If the risk of a collision becomes more acute, partial braking is initiated. The technology used in this instance takes account of the occupants on board by increasing the braking pressure smoothly. If the driver fails to respond, the system finally applies the full braking power of its own accord. If proximity control is ordered, Active Brake Assist is included at no extra cost.

Arriving safely. Fortunately, buses are only comparatively rarely involved in accidents – the bus is the safest means of road transport. To ensure that this remains so, the emergency braking feature Active Brake Assist (ABA) celebrated its premiere in the premium touring coach Mercedes-Benz Travego at the 2008 IAA. The driver assistance is currently offered in no other bus in the world.

Reduction in collision speed and accident severity

Although Active Brake Assist cannot always prevent accidents, the application of the brakes with full power can at least significantly reduce the collision speed and, therefore, the severity of the accident.

The system uses a series of progressive warnings to alert the driver in advance, allowing the driver to then manoeuvre the vehicle or apply the brakes, if possible, in order to avoid a collision. Even though rear-end collisions are not the most frequent type of accident involving buses and coaches, they are among the most serious. The developers expect Active Brake Assist to bring about a reduction in the number of these accidents involving fatalities or serious injuries. During develop­ment of this system, the focus was on ensuring protection for other road users as well as for the vehicle occupants. Active Brake Assist for buses and coaches sees Mercedes-Benz taking a further step towards realising its vision of accident-free driving.

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