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English   MAN Lion´s City Hybrid - Hybrid technology on its way to series production
08.07.2009 von admin

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MAN Lion´s City Hybrid - Hybrid technology on its way to series production

The MAN Lion´s City Hybrid city bus

Given the worldwide increase in the cost of fossil fuels, more attention is focusing on hybrid drive technology, especially in the development of commercial vehicles. MAN sees opportunities for the future precisely in local and distribution transport - it is here that vehicles with hybrid drives burn considerably less fossil fuel, thus contributing to increased transport efficiency and to a mitigation of the CO2 problem. MAN is a pioneering force in the development of these alternative drive concepts – its engineers have been working since the 1970s on different technologies for utilising braking energy. To date the solutions have come to nothing because of their complexity, a barrier against cost-attractive implementation. The new MAN low-floor Lion's City Hybrid bus will soon go into series production. At the UITP Congress 2009 a pre-series vehicle in the final design and packaging of components was presented; in 2010, several vehicles like this will be going into service in various European cities. The MAN TGL Hybrid has also shown promise for deployment in distribution transport but will not be going into series production in the immediate future.

EfficiencyDesign : the future of the city bus has a face

The series version of the new MAN Lion's City Hybrid city bus, presented for the first time to interested trade visitors at the UITP, has a compellingly attractive "EfficiencyDesign" which underscores the particular importance of this vehicle in the MAN transport efficiency offensive. Characteristic of this design are the ultracap high-power energy storage system, which is installed on the forebody with a view to achieving favourable aerodynamics and weight distribution, the top-quality "AeroLine" in matt aluminium, which is drawn dynamically from the B-column to the roof curves, and the aerodynamically enclosed rear wheel housings. The Hybrid logo located near the B-column points out unobtrusively but nonetheless clearly that the vehicle on the go here represents the state of the art.

Stylistic elements of the current MAN Lion's City generation have been interpreted for the supplementary design of the hybrid components in such a way that these merge seamlessly into the clear design fundamentals of the existing range of vehicles. They mediate between tradition and continuity in the MAN bus family on the one hand and the continual development of technical standards and possibilities on the other. The holistic formal language runs right through the entire design, which is why the hybrid bus - a modern, high-tech product - makes such an appealing impression. To the viewer, the vehicle appears just as streamlined and dynamic as its modern technology really is. The additional attachments and technical components are so well integrated from a design point of view that they don't appear to be added on like foreign bodies. On the whole, the MAN Lion's City Hybrid keeps its typical design, one that has been admired world-wide since 2004 and has won various awards. The hybrid-specific features add value to the vehicle, clearly accentuating the high level of development competence of the MAN Nutzfahrzeuge Group.

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