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English   The Setra Museum in Ulm
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The Setra Museum in Ulm

The Setra Museum in Ulm's 'Fischer- und Gerberviertel' (Fishermen's and Tanners' Quarter") right in the heart of the historic 'Saumarkt' (Pig Market).

More than 12 years the Setra Museum traces the history of the Setra brand and the Kässbohrer family. Located in the 'Fischerviertel' (Fishermen's Quarter) in the heart of the town of Ulm, Germany, the Kässbohrer family house has welcomed special guests keen to learn about the company's heritage since early 1996. In addition, the Setra Museum plays host to in-house events such as meetings, conferences and press talks. The museum, which is not actually open to the general public, is used as a meeting place by customers and staff and can be visited by appointment only.

The Setra Museum, historically also known as 'Haus zur Weinrebe' (Grapevine House) is situated on the 'Saumarkt' (Pig Market) in the centre of Ulm's Old Town, known as the Fishermen's Quarter. The renovated half-timbered house was constructed as a residential building back in around 1480, meaning it even predates Ulm Cathedral which was not completed until later. Now a meeting place for company staff and EvoBus guests, the Setra Museum traces the illustrious history and tradition of the Kässbohrer family as well as bus and coach production in Ulm from the 19th century until the present day. Otto Kässbohrer remained one of the principal characters in this success story right up until his death on June 20, 1989.

The Setra Museum covers in detail topics such as the production of the first buses, the development of integral-body vehicles and overseas exports as well as focussing on products from related industries (trucks, passenger cars, Pisten Bully vehicles, truck bodies).

The Kässbohrer house is a historic craftsman's house with traditional half-timbered framework and was built back in 1480.
The first bus of the company Kässbohrer before Setra Museum.

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