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Mercedes-Benz Citaro: new generation, new compact low-floor bus Citaro K

The new Citaro K, a compact variant measuring 10.5 metres in length, is now extending the already broad range of the best-selling Citaro regular-service bus. That means the range of the low-floor regular-service Citaro now consists of 11 variants with a large number of different lengths that fully cover all the transportation needs of local public transport operators in urban and rural transport. In addition to the brand-new Mercedes-Benz Citaro K, the urban buses include the 12-metre Citaro, the 15-metre Citaro L and the Citaro G articulated bus with a length of 18 metres. For rural service, Mercedes-Benz also offers the Citaro Ü (12 m), Citaro MÜ (13 m), Citaro LÜ (15 m) and the Citaro GÜ articulated pusher bus (18 m). Further new additions to the range include the Citaro “Low Entry” regular-service bus — first unveiled in autumn 2005 — which is available as an urban bus (Citaro LE, measuring 12 m in length) or as a rural bus (Citaro LE Ü and Citaro LE MÜ, measuring 12 m and 13 m in length respectively). All in all, these vehicles make up a uniquely varied and comprehensive range of low-floor regular-service buses for urban and rural transport.

MMercedes-Benz Citaro K: compact and highly manoeuvrable

The new compact variant of the Citaro was developed from the versatile modular system of the Citaro range in the tried and tested manner: it is based on the 12-metre Citaro, whose wheelbase was shortened by exactly 1447 mm, from 5845 mm to 4398 mm. The front and rear overhang are identical to those in the original model. The result is a compact, 10.5-metre, two-axle low-floor bus with two entry doors, a vehicle ideal for regular service on urban routes with low passenger levels. Because the kerb weight is about 900 kg less than that of the 12-metre Citaro while the permissible gross vehicle weight remains unchanged at 18 tonnes, the Citaro K offers a maximum passenger transport capacity of between 85 and 91 passengers, depending on the seating (106 passengers in the 12-metre Citaro).

The reduced wheelbase also leads to exceptional manoeuvrability. The turning circle measures only 17.2 metres, almost four metres less than the already very manoeuvrable Citaro urban bus with a length of 12 metres. Also noteworthy is the small swept ring of only 4.6 metres width in the case of tangential entry into a 25-metre circle (12-metre Citaro: 5.7 m). That makes the Citaro K perfect for routes in very narrow and winding inner-city streets. Thanks to its comparatively high passenger capacity, it is also flexible enough to operate on all other passenger routes without any restrictions.

The new Citaro K is powered by the proven in-line Mercedes-Benz OM 906 hLA Euro 4 turbodiesel with six cylinders in a horizontal arrangement. This compact Euro 4 engine, which uses Blue-Tec diesel technology from DaimlerChrysler, has an output of 210 kW (286 hp). This engine, available in many other Citaro models as well, is already available in versions complying with the more stringent EU emissions standards Euro 5 and EEV (Enhanced Environmentally-friendly Vehicle). The drive power is transmitted by an automatic converter transmission with four to six speeds, available from either ZF or Voith. Like the drive system, the running gear of the Citaro K, including the size 275/70 R 22.5 tyres, comes directly from its large “urban bus brothers” — an essential benefit for maintenance, service and spare-parts stocking for vehicle fleets and in workshops.

The Citaro K benefits from the exemplary attributes of the Citaro: it is designed with a low floor throughout, from the front to just in front of the rear axle. Whether it be doors, destination displays, the cockpit or the furnishing of the passenger area with seats and grab rails: all these proven components come directly from the Citaro. This is also true of the many changes with which the second generation of the Citaro is now being launched.

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