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20.06.2007 von admin

Effective air conditioning
The hot-water convector heater and the powerful air conditioning system (32 kW) also ensure passengers are comfortable on board. The driver's area has its own air conditioning. Individually adjustable ventilation nozzles in the service sets above each seat as well as air vents above the side windows and on the luggage racks directed towards the centre aisle ensure efficient air circulation. The system's air flow rate of 4400 m³ per hour is the equivalent of renewing the air a 100 times an hour.

On-board refreshments and entertainment
On board the Tourismo M, the chest refrigerator, which is easy to access from above, at the right-hand side of the instrument panel and the compact on-board galley to the left of the central entrance help keep everyone suitably refreshed. Thanks to its basket insert, the drinks in the 65-litre chest refrigerator are always tidy. Equipment in the galley at the central entrance includes a 40-cup coffee machine with drainer, a water heater, a sausage boiler (especially popular in Germany), as well as drawers for provisions. A washroom fitted with a WC toilet is located opposite at the central entrance. A waste disposal unit is fitted to the toilet cabin on the aisle side.

Entertainment also comes as standard on the road. All thanks to the Blaupunkt Coach Professional radio unit with attached DVD changer, housed within easy reach in a closed stowage compartment above the driver's area. Films are shown on two 15-inch (screen diagonal) flat screens, mounted at the front in the overhead compartment or over the toilet.

Driver's area: lots of room, ergonomic joystick, superb visibility
The driver's area in the new Tourismo benefits essentially from the longer front end, which has been extended by 140 mm compared to the outgoing model. The instru-ment panel including the joystick lever located within easy reach has a cockpit-like feel. There is now space for a bag behind the driver's seat. The multi-way adjustable seat comes with an integral microphone and hands-free system for the mobile phone. The screen for the optional navigation unit is positioned right in the driver's field of view on the A-pillar.

Superb visibility for the driver is part of the Tourismo's excellent features: the electrically operated blind on the windscreen is split. The left and right exterior mirrors consist of an electrically adjustable main mirror and separate, adjustable kerb mirrors. The four mirrors provide an exceptionally large field of view. Conse-quently, the driver has an unrestricted view of the road right in front of the coach, significantly enhancing safety. If any of the mirrors is damaged, an emergency mirror is included that can be used on either side. The Tourismo also comes with a fully-fledged spare wheel as standard.

The Tourismo M driver also benefits from a separately adjustable air conditioning system and a small safe – built into the steps leading up to the centre aisle – that can be used to store valuables.

The tour guide also has a full-size seat in the Tourismo. The seat comes with comfortable upholstery, generous legroom and a reading light.

Economical engine, smooth power transmission
The vertically mounted six-cylinder in-line unit OM 457 LA with an output of 315 kW (428 hp) is at the heart of the drive train on the Tourismo M. The smooth-running engine delivers outstanding torque of 2100 Nm at 1100 rpm. The engine with Blue-Tec diesel technology in the Euro 4 version is not only environmentally friendly but also extremely economical, thanks to SCR technology. The forward-looking SCR technology reduces diesel consumption compared with Euro 3 by up to six percent, depending on the particular application. As early as autumn this year, the unit will be available optionally in a version that meets the Euro 5 emissions standard.

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