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20.06.2007 von admin

Large luggage compartment, numerous extra stowage compartments
The Tourismo M boasts a luggage compartment volume of 9.6 m³ between the axles. The figure comes down to 8.4 m³ if an on-board toilet is fitted. The total volume includes the practical multipurpose space in front of the rear axle with a lockable blind behind the central door entrance. The luggage compartment floor on the test coach is carpeted to protect luggage. The standard-fit hinged flaps provide a very large opening and protect the driver from rain and dirt when loading and unloading the luggage compartment.

The practical front and rear stowage compartments above the axles add around 1.8 m³ to the luggage compartment between the axles. They have proven very popular among drivers and are ideal for drinks or other provisions for the on-board galley, for the driver's own luggage or as a tool compartment. As such, the usable stowage volume on the Tourismo M with on-board toilet comes to 10.2 m³.

Passenger compartment: contemporary, homely feel
The equipment fitted to the test coach has deliberately been kept low-key. The vehicle reflects a carefully equipped and very economical touring coach, the kind of all-round vehicle coach operators prefer for daily operations. The configuration with 53 passenger seats, manufactured in-house at EvoBus, corresponds to a GBK three-star rating - GBK is an association that monitors and classifies levels of comfort in buses and coaches in Germany. The Travel-Star Plus seats come with an adjustable backrest and lateral adjustment of the aisle side seat courtesy of a practical single lever mechanism. Integral grab handles left and right, bag hooks, luggage nets, folding tables with cup holders and footrests are part of the test coach specification.

The colour scheme in the light, friendly passenger compartment reflects the exterior paintwork. The contoured seat cushions with comfortably integrated belt buckles are trimmed with a hard-wearing aurum-coloured velour fabric. The inlaid effect threads provide a warm glow, especially when caught by the sun. Curry-coloured leather headrests, fabric piping (also in a curry finish) and chutney-coloured cushion side panels and backrests provide an equally contemporary and homely feel. The effect is further emphasised by the (chutney-coloured) curtains and the underside of the roof air ducts trimmed in curry-coloured fabric.

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