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And finally, a fleet of 20 hybrid electric buses - the OE 305 - made a name for themselves by demonstrating the suitability of hybrid electric buses for everyday line service in cities. 13 of these buses did service in Stuttgart, the remaining seven in Wesel in North-Rhine Westphalia. In inner-city operation, these buses operated exclusively on electrical energy supplied by batteries; in the suburbs, by contrast, they operated in the diesel-electric mode, meaning that a low-pollutant and specially encapsulated diesel engine fed the batteries via a generator.

Mercedes-Benz OE 305 with electric drive tested by Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG, 1979.

Popularity around the world

Despite its compliance with the city bus guidelines defined in 1967, the O 305 was by no means a phenomenon that remained restricted to Germany. In several parts of the world, this bus, of which as many as 4,743 chassis versions were supplied, is still enjoying enormous popularity even today. Singapore, for instance, operated 200 units of the O 305.

Mercedes-Benz O 305 in Kuwait, 1975.

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