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English   The new Mercedes-Benz Tourrider
01.10.2021 von admin

Two cockpits offered with a number of innovative driver assistance and safety systems

Mercedes Tourrider Business

With their job bearing great responsibility, drivers always play a leading role for Mercedes-Benz engineers and designers. The Tourrider Business impresses with its dynamic-functional Cockpit Basic Plus, while the Tourrider Premium dazzles with the luxurious and functional Cockpit Comfort Plus. Both are of exemplary ergonomic design and offer numerous practical and innovative functions. However, the two cockpits do differ in design and structure as well as in their equipment. A host of functions support drivers in their tasks. On the left the driver will find the knob of the standard electronic parking brake. It combines simple handling with high safety. Other practical helpers: The luggage compartment doors can be locked separately on the left and right by means of a switch. In line with this, the dashboard display shows the open status of the doors.

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