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28.06.2021 von admin

Angular shapes with soft curves in the 100 model series

The transition from the Setra 10 model series to the 100 model series in 1967 marked a further development in the industrialisation of bus-building at the company. All nine models were produced from numerous common parts from Setra's second modular system.
The appearance of the buses in the 100 model series was characterised by a more angular shape, a higher degree of comfort, a larger passenger compartment and greater headroom in the interior.

Setra S 80

Cross-flow ventilation in the 200 model series for the first time

In 1976, the Setra 200 model series was launched with six different models. The vehicles of the third Setra generation impressed with a classic elegance in the lines of its design, which was geared towards both value retention and practicality. Soft curves, smooth transitions and clear contours conformed with the elementary principles of vehicle design that were emerging at the time. The buses of the 200 model series also featured separately functioning ventilation and heating for the driver and cockpit which included intensive demisting of the windscreen.

Setra S 215 HD

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