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English   The electrically powered Mercedes-Benz Citaro *
08.03.2018 von admin

Climate comfort tailored to the needs of passengers

Another boon: the interior can be conditioned up to and even beyond the desired temperature while the batteries are still being charged at the depot. The bus will therefore have been heated or cooled to reflect the season before it sets off.

The heating and climate control systems are configured in accordance with the requirements of the Association of German Transport Companies (Verband Deutscher Verkehrsbetriebe: VDV). If the temperature outside is extreme, comfort levels at either end of the scale are reduced somewhat in favour of energy consumption and thus range. Instead of the interior temperature being set to a consistent level all year round, it is adjusted according to situation to ensure the comfort of passengers. As passengers generally spend only a short time in the vehicle and are normally dressed in accordance with the time of year, the inside temperature is set higher on hot summer days and lower on cold winter days, without at any point compromising passengers' sense of comfort.

When it comes to the driver's workplace, Mercedes-Benz pursues a somewhat different strategy: since the driver spends all his or her working hours in the city bus, the expectations here are greater, while the physiological safety of the driver must be ensured at all times. The climate control system for the driver's workplace is therefore controlled separately, with an ambient temperature of 24 degrees the aspiration at all times, whatever the extremes outside.

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