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English   The electrically powered Mercedes-Benz Citaro *
08.03.2018 von admin

Flexible charging technology: charging at the depot as standard, via current collector as an option

The Citaro's charging technology also allows it to adjust to the individual wishes and requirements of the transport operators. For the start of series production, charging via connector is envisaged. The city bus features as standard a socket for a Combo 2 connector above the front wheel arch on the right-hand side of the vehicle in the direction of travel. This corresponds to the usual position for the tank filler neck on a Citaro with diesel engine.

If, in order to extend the range of the vehicle, there is a requirement for opportunity charging, the all-electric Citaro can also be charged via a current collector. This option will be gradually phased once series production has started. There will be two possible variants: in phase 1 an integrated vehicle collector on the vehicle roof; in phase 2 the fitting of charging rails that will allow charging via a fixed-installation current collector at a charging station. In both cases the equipment will be mounted in line with the front axle.

The Citaro will thus allow for all charging variants currently in use. This intelligent modular concept for the battery and charging technology means that Mercedes-Benz is able to offer transport operators the opportunity to configure the Citaro precisely to the individual requirements of the company, or even of each separate route.

The Citaro is also able to generate electrical energy through a process of recuperation. In this case the two electric motors at the wheel hubs of the drive axle act as alternators during braking, transforming the kinetic energy of the vehicle into electricity.

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