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08.03.2018 von admin

Urbanisation demands low-emission and locally emission-free mobility

The process of urbanisation marches on: for the last ten years, for the first time in the history of the earth, more people have been living in cities than in the country. According to forecasts from the United Nations organisation (UN), this proportion is set to grow to two thirds of the world's population by 2050. Whether we are talking about a megacity, a large city or a small town, the challenges and problems are similar: a growing population means a growing need for mobility, for both work and recreational purposes. And thereby both an opportunity and a risk for already overburdened traffic systems, along with potentially greater environmental pollution from exhaust emissions and noise. Both the populace and politicians are, however, becoming more and more acutely aware of the associated disadvantages and limitations.

One possible solution in this respect is a well-developed local public transport infrastructure, with low-emission and locally emission-free buses. The current buzzword, therefore, is electric mobility. The new all-electrically powered Mercedes-Benz Citaro is an important element here, running as it does both locally emission-free and almost silently.

Thanks to new technological solutions, the Citaro is able to demonstrate outstanding performance capability. At the same time, its variability means that it is perfectly suited to meet the stringent demands of the transport operating companies with their complex systems of route networks and timetables. It also brings the advantage of being based on a tried and tested vehicle: with more than 50 000 units sold, the Citaro is the world's best-selling city bus.

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