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English   The electrically powered Mercedes-Benz Citaro *
08.03.2018 von admin

High efficiency means viable range under difficult conditions

Indications of operating range for all-electric-powered city buses are often difficult to compare and caution is advised, since reference values can be missing and the figures have often been calculated under ideal conditions. Things are different with the Citaro: in the interests of reliable data, Mercedes-Benz prefers to consider a "worst-case scenario" and therefore takes its direction from the challenging 'Standardised On-Road Test cycle', known as SORT2. To make things even trickier, Mercedes-Benz also adds the energy requirements of the ancillary consumers into the equation. According to SORT2, the Citaro with a full complement of batteries can achieve an operating range of around 150 kilometres in the summer. In other words, it is already possible to serve some sub-networks within the daily coverage of a city bus without opportunity charging.

More space for passengers thanks to careful weight distribution

The downside of all-electric city buses is the extra weight added by their batteries. Even the intrinsically lightweight Citaro is unable to offset completely the 2.5 tonnes of the maximum battery set. However, with a carefully considered distribution of weight, the Citaro is able to exploit the permissible axle loads to secure the highest possible payload - and thus number of passenger places.

The engineers managed to balance the bus by installing four battery modules within the rear overhang and up to six further battery modules on the roof, on a line with the front axle. This axle is also characterised by a maximum load-carrying capacity of eight tonnes and thus, depending on the variant, space for a realistic complement of around 80 passengers.

Seating and optional extras: the customised city bus

Since the developers have adopted the tried and tested layout of the Citaro, the configuration of the passenger compartment remains unchanged compared with the conventional Citaro with vertically mounted engine. Passengers will find everything familiar. The vehicle is available with either two or three doors.

Another advantage of the Citaro platform: transport operators are able, as ever, to individualise the bus by selecting from a wide range of optional extras. Whether it's the passenger seats, flooring, grab rails, communication systems or unseen details such as the door controls - the Citaro is, and remains, a fully customisable city bus, whatever its drive system.

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