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07.07.2017 von admin

One for all: the new double-decker bus covers all applications

The flexibly configured lower deck of the new Setra S 531 DT enables it to be tailored individually to the most diverse tasks.

One for all: comfortable touring coach with high standard of equipment and appointments, practical long-distance regular-service bus, functional seating capacity-oriented or comfort-oriented inter-city and excursion bus with full seating complement, stylish bistro bus with lounge on the lower deck, individually fitted-out tour bus or special-purpose vehicle for a diverse scope of commercial applications.

Lower deck: completely new construction and substructure

To achieve a new degree of flexibility for the double-decker bus, the engineers have developed an innovative new design for the entire construction of major assemblies and the complete substructure, in order to create space between the axles.

The main switch panel for the electrics is now located next to the entrance at the front, in service-friendly configuration on a sliding base on the pavement side. The compressed air tanks are accommodated in space-saving position below the driver's platform and in the area of the rear axles. The space, which they have vacated in the raised platform on the left, is now taken up by the fuel tanks, whose capacity has been increased from 510 to 540 l of diesel. Where necessary, the stowage compartment behind this space can accommodate an additional tank with a capacity of 170 l or even 270 l. The AdBlue tank, which still has a capacity of 40 l (optionally 49 l), remains in its position close to the engine at the rear left of the vehicle.

The spare wheel retains its standard position in the raised platform on the right of the lower deck. When companies do without this platform – e.g. for wheelchair bays in long-distance regular service use, for a pram area in inter-city use or for installations on bistro buses and special-purpose vehicles – the spare wheel is accommodated in the luggage compartment. Setra has developed a lifting device employing a block and tackle specifically to enable the driver to unload it from there without any danger.

In the interests of a tidy interior and stepless access to the washroom, the lines now run flat in the floor. The framework of the substructure, including the crossmember structure, has been adapted accordingly to ensure that the expedient ground clearance is maintained.

This means that customers can now choose the new double-decker bus with or without a platform on the right-hand side of the lower deck, with various seat configurations, wheelchair bays or pram areas, with stairs at the front on the left or right, with different door variants at the rear entrance and with various wheelchair ramps, and with or without a kitchen and washroom. The new Setra S 531 DT of the TopClass 500 is a double-decker bus made to measure.

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