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English   Setra S 531 DT
07.07.2017 von admin

A bus to meet all needs: high flexibility for long-distance regular services and touring alike, innovative design and a distinct character
  • One for all: the new double-decker bus covers all applications
  • Lower deck: completely new construction and substructure
  • New: member of the TopClass 500 – design in a class of its own
  • An aluminium bar joins the new windscreens
  • The side wall boasts a dynamic and elegant appearance
  • The newly designed rear end makes its mark with its vent grilles.

Maximum comfort in long-distance touring, exclusive trips in a bistro bus, pronounced individuality as a tour bus, practicality on long-distance scheduled services, high functionality on rural services during the week and on excursions – diverse requirements apply to double-decker buses, as they cover a vast spectrum of different usages. The new S 531 DT is a bus to meet all needs, its innovative design giving rise to an astoundingly diverse range of variants that enables a single model to cover the entire spectrum of potential applications. Its cutting-edge design sets it apart. It is unmistakably an elegant and powerful Setra, yet with a distinct character of its own.

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