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07.07.2017 von admin

Engine and powertrain: perfectly coordinated all-Daimler engineering

The powertrain of the new double-decker bus employs both cutting-edge and established engineering and technology. The most recent update took place in the autumn of 2015 with the introduction of the latest-generation Mercedes-Benz OM 471 engine. The all-Daimler powertrain sets benchmarks in fuel efficiency and reliability and is tailored precisely to the needs of buses and coaches.

Setra renewed the entire powertrain and suspension of the predecessor model back in the autumn of 2013, to tie in with the introduction of the Euro VI emissions standard. The OM 471 six-cylinder in-line engine with a displacement of 12.8 l replaced the previously employed V8 in the course of this overhaul. This engine continues to deliver an output of 375 kW (510 hp) and an exceptional 2500 Nm of peak torque. The numerous outstanding technical features include common rail direct injection with the unique flexible high-pressure X-Pulse injection system. The engine is extremely fuel-efficient and is a smooth-running, clean and extremely reliable operator. Long maintenance intervals of up to 120 000 km for engine oil changes and 360 000 km for initial cleaning of the particulate filter (every 240 000 km thereafter) lower costs and cut downtimes.

Setra also introduced the fully automatic GO 250-8 PowerShift bus transmission in the course of the overhaul. The features of this perfectly stepped transmission include fast and barely noticeable gear changes and a crawl function for delicate manoeuvring.

The engine power is transmitted to the RO 440 bus drive axle, which also underwent extensive optimisation measures. The overhaul has resulted in a further reduction in friction and subsequently more economical and quieter operation – the latter being a key factor particularly on the lower deck of the double-decker bus. A trailing axle with independent wheel suspension enhances ride comfort, improves handling and lowers the vehicle's weight.

The latest engine generation: showing how a good thing can still be improved upon

The latest generation of the OM 471 engine has been demonstrating how a good thing can still be improved upon since the autumn of 2015. With a higher maximum injection pressure, increased compression, a redesigned combustion chamber, a patented exhaust gas recirculation process with flexibly controlled return flow rate, asymmetric injection and a new turbocharger, built in-house, what we have here is a whole bundle of measures that add up to reduce further the already advantageous fuel consumption. At the same time the complexity of the engine design has been reduced by a fixed turbine geometry for the turbocharger, the omission of wastegate valve and boost pressure control, plus the elimination of the EGR sensor and EGR control, thereby also increasing its robustness.

Duly prepared, the new double-decker bus is all set to begin its working life with a perfectly coordinated and well proven powertrain: OM 471 engine rated at 375 kW (510 hp), fully automated GO 250-8 PowerShift bus transmission, RO 440 bus drive axle.

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