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07.07.2017 von admin

New: long-life LED headlamps that are kind on the eyes as standard

The comparatively low seat position in conjunction with the imposing dimensions of a double-decker bus imposes high requirements on visibility. The new outside mirrors provide a better view from the cockpit, as the larger distance from the driver to the mirror enables the wide-angle lenses installed at the top in the mirror housings to be viewed at a more favourable angle.

At night-time the Setra lights up as standard with new integrated LED main headlamps. The light from these headlamps is similar to daylight and is thus less tiring on the eyes than conventional halogen light or xenon headlamps. At the same time, the LED lamps offer a service life roughly equivalent to the vehicle's lifespan. This cuts out the need to change lamps, saving money and downtimes. The new lamps also enhance safety, as a Setra double-decker bus will never be on the road with lamps lit up on one side only.

Luggage compartment capacity slightly increased, additional stowage compartments

As on the predecessor model, the luggage compartment with a practical smooth surface on board the new double-decker bus is accessible via a large rear-end door and side stowage flaps. A space-saving side step in place of the previous step has allowed a slight increase in surface area, as a result of which the luggage compartment now has a volume of 8.4 m³. At the same time, this measure has also created space for a tool compartment and an additional practical stowage compartment in the entrance.

There is also a new stowage compartment in front of the front axle, under the driver's cockpit. The familiar stowage compartment under the axles between the platforms on the right has also been retained.

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