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07.07.2017 von admin

Cockpit from the ComfortClass 500: functionality and flexibility

In addition to functionality, a high degree of flexibility is another key feature of the cockpit from the ComfortClass 500. The cover over the large open stowage compartment on top of the centre console can be removed, for example, and a fixing pin and cash register can be installed in its place – an important option when the double-decker bus is deployed on regular services. The doors can also be unlocked using the electronic vehicle key.

Cockpit from the TopClass 500: exclusive design

The cockpit from the TopClass 500 represents an even higher standard. It fits even more snugly around the driver and is characterised by an exclusive design: an elegantly curved aluminium bar serves as a surround for the instrument panel, while round air vents add a dynamic touch. The cockpit cover flows harmoniously from the driver's side to the tour guide's side. The driver has diverse information to hand on the display of the Multi Function Key.

As the multifunction steering wheel and instruments, the basic aspects of operation and the control panel as well as the Coach Media System (CMS) all correspond to the TopClass 500, drivers will have no problem switching between buses with different cockpits within the same fleet and will not need any time to adjust to a new work environment. As the package, i.e. the space situation, and the operating logic are identical for all Setra touring coaches, drivers can even switch without any problems between all the vehicles.

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