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07.07.2017 von admin

World first in the bus and coach segment: Sideguard Assist provides warning during cornering and turning off

Right turns in urban traffic are among the least pleasant tasks for drivers, as they are required to heed traffic lights and signs ahead while simultaneously observing oncoming and crossing traffic and keeping an eye on pedestrians and bike riders at the side. In addition, the traffic situation may alter in a matter of seconds and cyclists and pedestrians are not always aware that a bus driver may not be able to detect them. With this in mind, Setra is now the first bus and coach brand to offer the Sideguard Assist with pedestrian detection. Available for a year now on board Mercedes-Benz trucks, the time is ripe to introduce Sideguard Assist for buses and coaches as well.

The principle: continual information, warnings as necessary

Sideguard Assist operates in several stages: It first of all informs the driver when a relevant object is located in the warning zone. In a second stage the driver receives a warning if they initiate or continue an action and a danger of a collision arises.

If there is a moving object in the side monitoring zone the driver is provided with a visible warning. An LED in the shape of a triangle lights up at the driver's eye level in the outside mirror on the co-driver's side. The lamp draws the driver's attention intuitively towards the situation alongside the vehicle. When a danger of collision applies, a visual warning is also triggered: the LED flashes brightly several times in red. After two seconds, it remains permanently illuminated in red. A haptic warning in the form of a vibration in the driver's seat is additionally provided, as with the Lane Assistant.

A visual and haptic warning also occurs if the sensors additionally detect a stationary obstacle, such as a traffic light or a bollard, in the bus's turning curve during cornering. Collisions can be avoided in this way. The tracking pattern warning function is effective in the speed range from 0 to 36 km/h. The other functions of Sideguard Assist are available throughout the entire speed range from 0 to 100 km/h.

For the purposes of its warning cascade, Sideguard Assist also analyses actions by the driver, for example activation of the indicator on the co-driver's side or the steering movement when moving off, and the distance from a moving or movable object is assessed continuously while the truck is on the move. Sideguard Assist also warns the driver of any obstacles when they turn off without activating the indicator, for example.

The driver retains full responsibility and remains in control of the situation at all times and is able to take any course of action which appears appropriate.

Sideguard Assist also helps when changing lane

The new Sideguard Assist offers even more functions: at speeds above 36 km/h and up to the maximum permissible speed it provides the driver with warnings as an assistance system during lane changing. As such, Sideguard Assist assumes the function of a lane changing assistant. The driver is also informed of any object on the co-driver's side and a corresponding warning is output if the driver activates the indicator. This means that Sideguard Assist provides support when changing lane, for instance when overtaking a cyclist in an extra-urban setting, or when changing lane on multi-lane roads.

The radar sensors monitor the entire area on the co-driver's side

The core of Sideguard Assist is a radar sensor system with two short-range radar sensors in the wheel arch of the front axle on the co-driver's side. The side monitoring zone has a width of 3.75 m. The system is oriented so as to cover the entire length of the bus. Its range additionally covers the area two metres in front and behind the vehicle. In lane-change assist mode, the scanned area is increased to up to five metres to the rear and as much as 15 metres to the rear, in the interests of safe lane changing.

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