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English   Mercedes-Benz Future Bus with CityPilot
20.07.2016 von admin

Innovative design of city buses has a long tradition at Mercedes-Benz

With its innovative exterior and interior design, the Mercedes-Benz Future Bus systematically continues on a path which Mercedes-Benz has successfully taken with the Citaro for decades. Around 20 years ago, the first generation of the Citaro set new standards in exterior and interior design. Major features such as the A0-pillar, generous glazed areas and the passenger-friendly interior with wall-mounted cantilever seating and curved, vertical grab rails gave birth to a completely new design line for city buses. This has established itself worldwide, and been widely imitated.

The version of the Mercedes-Benz Citaro for the city of Hanover during
Expo 2000 and for Leipzig shows how individual this series production city bus can be in appearance. The first and second generations of the large CapaCity articulated buses with the Metrobus design package, as well as versions of the Citaro G articulated bus for cities such as Nantes and Strasbourg, are further examples of heavily individualised city buses with a highly attractive exterior and interior.

With its friendly face, harmoniously flowing lines, a low beltline and dynamically styled, three-dimensional wheel arches, the current Mercedes-Benz Citaro likewise shows how attractive a regular service bus can be.

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