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English   Mercedes-Benz Future Bus with CityPilot
20.07.2016 von admin

Cockpit: Innovative driver area as part of the interior

In the city bus of tomorrow, the driver also takes a seat in the cockpit of tomorrow. The driver's workplace is fundamentally different to that in a conventional 2016 city bus. For example, the Mercedes-Benz Future Bus does not compartmentalise its cockpit – the driver area becomes part of the interior, and even manages without a partition and separating door. A certain degree of separation occurs automatically thanks to omission of the front entry door, however.

The cockpit itself is both welcoming and homely. The driver area of the city bus has a continuation of the silver-grey fabric surround that forms a band around the interior. In view of semi-automated driving with a host of automated procedures and actions, the city bus of tomorrow dispenses with the familiar, substantially standardised VDV cockpit. Instead an airy, lightweight instrument panel support is used.

Display with reduced vehicle information and more route-related data

Conventional instruments are replaced by an informative 12.3-inch display with specific information. This has been reduced to the essentials where vehicle functions are concerned, but considerably expanded with regard to route information. At the same time the form of display has been brought to a new level.

The current speed is shown digitally in the centre, and symbolically also the route ahead with the next traffic lights and bus stops, plus the distances to them. The display also reports impending activities – e.g. when an automatic stop is due at a traffic light or bus stop. Tunnel entrances and exits ahead are also displayed. The central instrument also points out vehicles ahead, or any obstacles on the road, and indicates the distance to them.

If the bus is driven in manual mode by a driver, a second speedometer is added as a dial instrument with segments, and the figures in the digital display become larger.

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