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English   Mercedes-Benz Future Bus with CityPilot
20.07.2016 von admin

Exterior: Unique symbiosis of form and function

However, the Mercedes-Benz Future Bus is more radical than its predecessor, and intentionally breaks with conventions and standard design and spatial concepts for city buses. It was created from a blank sheet of paper. The result: the exterior and interior design is an extraordinary symbiosis of form and function.

The front section impresses with its clear layout. Below the windscreen the Mercedes star as a trademark is the centrepiece. Two white light bars extend from it to each side. In view of their shape, the designers refer to these as "paddles". Their illumination in white (manual) and blue (semi-automated) indicates the current driving status of the bus.

At the top the windscreen transitions into a compact destination indicator. A panel covers the area above the driver. This design touch symbolises the fact that the driver on board this semi-automated city bus only plays a diminished role behind the wheel. The technology platform dispenses with conventional exterior mirrors in favour of camera systems, so-called mirrorcams.

In its basic form the low side wall takes its lead from the current Citaro. This is made obvious by the dynamically styled wheel arches, for example. The side walls have a silver paint finish, as has the roof panelling. This covers the roof-mounted equipment and ensures an integrated appearance. The cladding panels are intentionally asymmetrical in design. They are inspired by forms found in urban architecture, but are also strictly functional. For example, an exterior facing on the windows of the left side covers the info-terminal on the inside.

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