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English   New lengths, new heights, new dimensions
27.06.2014 von admin

At the other end of the spectrum, two years after its market launch, the ComfortClass 500 has added a super long variant in the form of the S 519 HD. Rounding off the top end of the model range, the 15 m long three-axle coach offers a maximum of 71 seats, making it the ideal vehicle also for long-distance duty.

Measuring 15 m in length, the S 519 HD offers the most number of seats.

S 515 MD and S 516 MD middle deckers: the ideal entry to the world of travel

The 12.3 m long S 515 MD and the 13.1 m long S 516 MD stand for a new, low-cost and flexible entry into the world of private travel of the Setra ComfortClass 500, which is now augmented by previously unfamiliar vehicle dimensions to offer the appropriate model for every tour category.

The new MD models in the ComfortClass 500 are around 20 cm lower, and are available in lengths of 12.3 m and 13.1 m. (photo shows an S 515 MD with rear entrance).

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