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English   Mercedes-Benz Sprinter minibuses - part 3
17.06.2014 von admin

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter City: Low-floor comfort for town and country

The Sprinter City model series is the regular service specialist. While the compact Sprinter City 35 is based on a panel van, the larger Sprinter City 65 is recognisable by its dedicated body with a structural bus framework and panoramic glazing. The elegant panoramic windscreen extends well up to the roof, providing space for an integrated destination display (Sprinter City 35 with roof mounting). The Sprinter City 65 K, the short version of the Sprinter City 65, results from a 70 cm shorter rear overhang. Despite its compact exterior length of only 7.0 m, this approx. 2 m wide low-entry bus can accommodate 30 passengers.

The model series is rounded off by the Sprinter City 77 with a length of 8.7 m, which closes the gap between the Sprinter City 65 and the Citaro K. Like the body of the Sprinter City 77, the low-floor chassis with a tandem rear axle is an exclusive in-house development by the Mercedes-Benz minibus unit. The Sprinter City 77 has a continuously level low floor in the passenger compartment, a second wheelchair space and room for up to 40 passengers.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter City 77

The Sprinter City 77 has an independent suspension all-round and single tyres. Thanks to its relatively short wheelbase and slim construction, even the largest of the minibuses is ideal for narrow inner-city areas. In addition the Sprinter City 77 is a good choice as a shuttle bus or for inter-urban services.

All Sprinter City models are well suited for urban traffic thanks to a double swing-out door with a clear aperture of 1250 mm. This leads to the spacious low-floor area between the axles. In the City 35 this measures around 3.2 m2 , and in the City 65 precisely 3.6 m2.

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