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English   Mercedes-Benz Sprinter minibuses - part 2
17.06.2014 von admin

Production: Flexible and professional

Interior conversions to panel vans, modifications to the bodyshell and installation of larger entries and rear-end extensions, custom bodies and even low-frame chassis of in-house design for the spectacular three-axle Sprinter City 77 – the minibus production is flexible and professional.

Bodyshell: disassembly precedes assembly

The plants in Düsseldorf (Sprinter panel van) and Ludwigsfelde (chassis) deliver the base vehicles for minibuses by truck. These are first disassembled before production commences: detachable parts such as bumpers, radiator grille, headlamps and tail lights, including the Mercedes star, are removed, as are the doors, cab seats, side windows and fuel tank. In the case of chassis this also includes the rear axle and propshaft.

Until reassembly all vehicle-specific parts are kept in pallet trucks in the logistical area, to be returned to production as and when they are needed. The cockpit remains in the vehicle, but is carefully covered over to ensure protection from damage and soiling.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Travel 55

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