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English   Mercedes-Benz Sprinter minibuses - part 2
17.06.2014 von admin

Continuous growth for the No. 1 position in Europe

Relocation of minibus production from Ligny (France) to Dortmund in mid-2008 was the deciding factor for expansion of the production area to over 7500 sq.m. This increased capacity to up to 1100 minibuses per year.

The number of production lines was increased, and for the first time continuous lines were used. Mercedes-Benz Minibus GmbH employed 250 personnel.

In subsequent years the constantly growing demand required a further expansion of the production and logistical capacity to the present level of around 12,000 sq.m. In line with this, the number of employees rose to the present level of around 330. Minibus GmbH is now able to produce up to 1300 vehicles per year on three bodyshell and four assembly lines. Mercedes-Benz is the western European market leader for minibuses over 3.5 t permissible gross vehicle weight.

The minibuses are now sold to more than 30 countries, the largest market continuing to be western Europe. Customers in Australia, South-East Asia and the Middle East are however also part of the regular customer base for Dortmund.

Minibuses with the three-pointed star – the same top quality as the large buses

Apart from individual product advantages, the success factors for Minibus GmbH include industrial production in Dortmund and the benefits of close links to the development and production of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter as the base model.The specialists at Minibus GmbH are informed of any changes at an early stage. Modifications to the body and suspension system necessary for minibus production are coordinated right down to the last detail, as are additions to the vehicle weight.

Extensive driving tests verify the modifications. All procurement and production, as well as the complete order administration process, follow the stringent guidelines and processes of Mercedes-Benz. Guaranteed quality from a single source is one of the hallmarks of minibuses bearing the Mercedes star.

All industrial production processes and line assembly are subject to quality controls. Minibus production is governed by the same, high quality standards that apply to Mercedes-Benz Vans. An intensive final inspection provides independent quality assurance. Every minibus also undergoes an extensive test drive. A waterproofing test is also mandatory if modifications have been made to the roof.

Mercedes-Benz Minibus GmbH also provides after-sales backup for its customers and buses. Extensive documentation ensures the availability of replacement parts. Moreover, the minibuses are included in the unique, bus-specific service network of Omniplus. Used minibuses of proven quality are sold on a Europe-wide basis by the new used bus brand BusStore.

From sales, production and service to later recycling – the advantages of single-sourced minibuses bearing the three-pointed star are obvious.

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