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English   Mercedes-Benz Sprinter minibuses - part 1
17.06.2014 von admin

New models, further advanced interior and exterior

In the course of the changeover to the new Sprinter, Mercedes-Benz also developed the Sprinter Transfer and Travel model series further. The new roofliner elegantly spans and integrates the frames of the roof vent and roof.

The skylight, roof vent and roof-mounted air conditioning systems are likewise new, as are the shrouds of the air conditioning units. The redesigned lighting strips are now in LED technology.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Transfer 34

The luggage shelves are also new, as are the service sets with reading lamps and air vents in the Sprinter Travel. Passengers will also welcome the new seat bases in the models based on modified panel vans.

The new Sprinter Mobility 35 and Sprinter Mobility 45 variants for passengers with restricted mobility provide two particularly strong models with gross vehicle weights of 5.0 t or up to 5.3 t and twin tyres at the rear axle.

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