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English   Mercedes-Benz Sprinter minibuses - part 1
17.06.2014 von admin

New assistance systems improve the level of safety

A whole host of new assistance systems helps to prevent accidents: Crosswind Assist, Proximity Warning Assist, Blind Spot Assist and Highbeam Assist, as well as Lane Keeping Assist. Depending on the model, gross vehicle weight and variant, these are also available for the Mercedes-Benz minibuses to further enhance their exemplary and unrivalled level of safety.

The driver will also welcome the new, high-grip steering wheel and a seat with new upholstery. The same applies to the new radio generation with numerous different input ports, a telephone keypad and directory, as well as the new Becker MAP PILOT navigation system with inconspicuous installation in the glove compartment and a removable navigation module.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Mobility 45

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