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31.10.2012 von admin

Citaro and ComfortClass 500: maximum efficiency

The engineers from Daimler Buses employed all available means to achieve maximum efficiency of the Mercedes-Benz Citaro and the Setra ComfortClass 500. A multitude of measures counteract the inevitable added weight of the additional or larger components that the move from Euro V to Euro VI entails. For this reason the new ComfortClass 500 actually weighs less than the predecessor model. In spite of this, both buses were fully loaded with 18 tonnes.

The centrepieces of the drive system are the new BlueEfficiency Power engines. Both the in-line six-cylinder Mercedes-Benz OM 936 engine in the Citaro and the OM 470 engine in the Setra ComfortClass 500 are characterised by robustness, longevity and maximum cost-efficiency with regard to fuel, motor oil and AdBlue consumption as well as by long maintenance intervals. A distinctive trait of the engines is a high torque at very low engine speeds and an excellent throttle response. Both qualities are part of the prerequisites for successfully taking the place of the predecessor engines that to some extent had significantly more displacement – the keyword in this context is downsizing.

In addition to the drive system the development engineers carefully examined the ancillary components with an eye on fuel economy and longevity, for the Mercedes-Benz Citaro as well as for the Setra ComfortClass 500. Alternators, battery management, radiator fan and air compressor – these and other components play a major role in fuel consumption and in both model series were optimised down to the last detail.

Record Run Buses 2012: five buses, five days, 18,000 km

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